Take Me To The Bar(rette)

You know when Vogue are talking about hair accessories and how they have become key to creating some of the chicest hair in lockdown, that you are on the right track.
Short hair can look uber cool with the addition of a barrette or two ….or three. Our leather barrette is available in Black, Cream, Deep Red and Camel. Great on short hair to give a cool girl vibe or on long hair to add a stylish twist.

If you want to add a bit of sparkle to your life, we have two sparkly barrettes, which are perfect for Christmas gifts or Zoom Parties. The Strass Barrette is available in Silver and Midnight Blue.


Our Limited Edition of Leather Christmas bows and short bendable hair ties have just arrived in stock.  Available in gold and silver they are the perfect retail product for this time of year or Christmas stocking filler.