The day of goodwill

Today is Boxing Day, (I used to think it was when people boxed! I was very young J ) and I recently learned it is also the Day of Goodwill, which originated in the UK and is celebrated in some Commonwealth countries. It’s also known in some parts of Europe as St Stephen’s Day and is celebrated as a second Christmas.  Wherever you are we hope you had a great Christmas, are spreading goodwill and are enjoying a chilled day. 
At this time of year, we often start to make plans for the new year. It’s hard to make plans are we are still in a state of flux, but plans can always been pivoted on (as we’ve found out in 2020) and why not look at trying something new in your salon. 
Corinne products make a great retail addition. Why not incorporate them into your service menu – a style dry or hair up session, which includes the Corrine product that you use in the service. They are fashion led, compact, visual, well priced and luxurious. Not only do they make a perfect gift purchase, almost any length of hair looks good with a Corinne accessory. The uber cool French girl bob looks stunning with a barrette or two! 

Thank you for your love and support in 2020. Wishing you the best start to 2021 and lots of joy, happiness, good health and prosperity for the year ahead. 
Love Mabel&mabel xx